Google Sheets

Automate creating branded images, PDFs, banners, and more by using Robolly to render images from data in Google Sheets. Robolly is a cloud-based image rendering API that allows you to easily render template-based images on scale. Robolly works out-of-the-box with Google Sheets (and other spreadsheet apps), so you can use Robolly to create personalized images and PDFs in one click directly from within the tools you already use and know.

Get started with step-by-step tutorials

How to render images (or PDFs) from Google sheets

To set up rendering from Google sheets is as simple as the process below:

  1. Create or import template in Robolly (like this template)
  2. Make a duplicate of this pre-made Google Sheet
  3. Get & apply render link formula (via Robolly Google Sheet Wizard)
  4. Done! One-click render any row from your Google Sheet.

To get the render link formula for Google Sheets, use Robolly's Google Sheets wizard. Open your Robolly template and switch to the render tab. On the right, look for "Google Sheets setup wizard" button and click on it to trigger the Wizard. Then, use the Wizard to get the formula, and finally copy-paste the formula into your Google Sheet. Apply the formulate across all rows by double-clicking the little blue corner of a selected cell to which you pasted the formula.

Robolly Google Sheets Wizard screenshot

How to set up multiple output variants (or different dimensions)

To set up multiple output variants, you can simply add more render link formulas to your sheet as Robolly is very flexible. Repeat the process of setting up a different template in Robolly, then get the render link formula via Google Sheets Wizard and paste the formula to a new column in your spreadsheet. You can add as many variants as you need.

Multiple render links example

How to render all rows in one click

If you're looking for a way to render all rows at once (bulk render) instead of clicking one-by-one, unfortunately, that's not possible currently in Google Sheets. But, a work around exists: export the sheet as CSV and import it into Robolly Dataset where you can render all rows in one click (multiple variants also supported).