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Preview and check if the page has valid open graph and Twitter card meta data that makes links to that page stand out on social media, DMs, and in popular apps like Slack, Discord.

Here, you'll see how a link to your page looks on Facebook when someone shares it.

Your secret to high click‑through rate

Use Robolly's URL-based API (no-code friendly) to generate dynamic, personalized open graph images that makes you stand out on social media and chat apps when someone shares a link to your page.

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Design your custom template right from the browser with Robolly’s simple editor. Or choose from 100+ templates we pre‑made and modify them to fit your needs.

Generate visuals with API

Need to generate template-based graphics programmatically? With Robolly API, it's as easy as getting the right parameters into an URL link. You can do it manually, it works in email, or create a fully automated pipeline on your server.

  • On-demand rendering
  • Security signature
  • No-code friendly
# The image is genereated & returned synchnously, so the render URL works as source for img, meta tag, etc.
<meta name="twitter:image" content=" AirTag&price=$29">
<meta property="og:image" content=" AirTag&price=$29">

# Of course, you can also download the image programatically and save it for example...
const params = "certificate-holder=John doe&date=28 June 2024, 11:23";
const response = await fetch(`${params}`);

Efficient, time-saving and fun!

“I actually really enjoyed making my templates! It's great seeing them come together. So, the biggest benefit here is the sheer amount of time saved. It takes a little time to set up templates. But the time you save from then onward is amazing. Robolly comes with a solid bunch of good-looking pre-made templates. Datasets make it super easy to create images. Love that you can search and use images directly from there rather than having to find them elsewhere, save & upload. Google Sheets integration is brilliant and is just what I need for creating quick, on-the-fly images in a variety of different templates I've created. Cannot recommend highly enough.“

Charlie Taylor

Founder of Withsow

Exceptional service and outstanding product

“From the very beginning, the Robolly team has exceeded all my expectations. The attention I received from their technical support team was truly remarkable. They were not only knowledgeable and efficient, but also incredibly patient and understanding with my inquiries.“

Juan Miguel Morante Martínez

Cinematographer & Producer

Great for generating lots of content quickly!

“I'm really pleased with Robolly. I've tried similar apps before and wasn't impressed. But Robolly was recommended to me by a few people so I thought I'd give it a try. I've used it to generate lots of content for our Facebook group which I've scheduled to post daily for the year ahead. A very small amount of work for a year's worth of content!“

John Risby

Entrepreneur & Author

An amazing tool

“What a tool. If you wish to automatically produce more designs in a short time period Robolly is the right choice. It saves us a lot of time...Use your GSheet and their API and push data into templates in a minute. Woollaaa done..“

David Kocsis

CEO at Guru Muscle & Wocapi

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