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Promote 5-star rated service for automated image, PDF & video generation and earn a recurring 50% commission from every customer, every month.

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How it works?

  1. Join a Robolly affiliate 🤝

    Apply for the affiliate program using the button above. Once your spot is ready, you’ll receive your unique referral link and gain access to the Affiliate Dashboard.

  2. Share with your audience 🤩

    All you need to do to earn that sweet recurring commission is start sharing your referral link with your audience.

  3. Earn the commission 💰

    You’ll receive a 50% commission every month for as long as the referred customer maintains an active subscription.

Who is the best fit?

Here are examples of Robolly’s most successful affiliate partners:

  • ⭐ Bloggers and writers
  • ⭐ YouTubers
  • ⭐ Marketing consultants
  • ⭐ Web developers
  • ⭐ Educators
  • ⭐ Social media influencers

However, pretty much anyone interested in earning commissions by creating content, educating, and/or referring their audience can become a Robolly partner.

How much can I earn?

It’s absolutely up to you – the sky is the limit! Robolly does not cap your earnings nor impose any time limits, meaning your potential is infinite.

You will earn a recurring 50% commission every month for as long as the referred customer maintains an active subscription. For example:

  • 🔥 10 users – you earn $645 monthly
  • 🔥 50 users – you earn $3,225 monthly
  • 🔥 100 users – you earn $6,450 monthly
  • 🔥 250 users – you earn $16,125 monthly

Commissions are counted if customer is on the lowest business plan with no add-on. The higher plan user purchase, the higher commission you earn.

Why become a Robolly partner?

  • 💎 50% recurring commission
  • 💎 0 initial investment needed
  • 💎 No limits on the commissions
  • 💎 5-star rated product
  • 💎 Best-in-class service

More FAQs

How to become a Robolly partner?

  1. Apply for the Robolly affiliate program here. Fill in your full name, the email address you want to use for your account, and brief information about your audience and how you plan to promote Robolly. We're gradually opening spots for new partners, and once selected, we'll contact you at the email address you provided in the form. In the meantime, you can create your free trial account to become more familiar with Robolly, if you haven’t already.
  2. Get your unique referral links.
  3. Share your URL with your audience.
  4. Earn recurring commissions. In your Affiliate Dashboard, you can track your commissions and set up your payout.

Do I need to be a Robolly customer to become an affiliate partner?

No, you don’t need to be a customer to become a Robolly affiliate partner. However, it’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with Robolly and automated image rendering. If you don’t have an account, you can start your free trial here.

What happens if a user goes to Robolly through my referral link but upgrades their account later?

Once a user clicks on your referral link, Robolly will save the referral data to their browser. This information remains in the browser for 30 days. So, if the user signs up and upgrades their account within this 30-day period, the purchase will still be credited to your referral.

How should I promote Robolly?

There are many ways you can promote Robolly. Here are a few common ideas on what activities you can do:

  • Writing blog posts – make tutorials and guides, write reviews and overview posts
  • Making YouTube videos – showcase your workflow, record tutorials, do product walkthroughs
  • Creating short-format videos – share your tips and tricks on platforms like TikTok, Instagram/Facebook Stories, YouTube Shorts
  • Sharing Robolly with clients & colleagues
  • Mentioning Robolly on social media
  • Answering related questions on forums
  • Mentioning Robolly in your newsletter
  • Recording a podcast

Can I download Robolly logos for my article/video?

Yes, you can find all Robolly branding assets on Press & Media page.

What kind of promotion activities are not allowed?

Any type of illegal, spammy, misleading, and other malicious activities that are against the Robolly Terms are not allowed.

What if a user clicks on multiple Robolly referral links?

If a user clicks on multiple Robolly affiliate links before upgrading their account, the purchase will be credited to the referral link that they clicked last. In other words, the purchase goes to the closest one to the upgrade.

How long do affiliate cookies last?

30 days

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