Robolly FAQ

How to delete an element in the template editor?

To delete an element, press Delete or Backspace on your keyboard.

Can I use a keyboard shortcut in the template editor?

Yes! Here is a list of supported shortcuts:

Delete selected element(s)Delete, Backspace
Save changes⌘+S   /   Ctrl+S
Undo changes⌘+Z   /   Ctrl+Z
Redo changes⌘+Shift+Z   /   Ctrl+Shift+Z
Move selected element(s) (1 px)Left, Up, Right, Down
Move selected element(s) (10 px)Shift+Left, Shift+Up, Shift+Right, Shift+Down
Copy selected element(s)⌘+C   /   Ctrl+C
Paste *⌘+V   /   Ctrl+C
  • * Works for selected elements within the same Robolly editor window
  • Works for an image copied from anywhere and automatically converts it into an image element
  • Works for SVG code which you can get in tools like Adobe XD or Figma by right click and "copy as SVG"

How to select multiple elements?

Press the Shift key and click on the elements you want to select.

How to make a group of elements?

Select multiple elements by pressing the Shift key and clicking on the elements you want to group.

In the right panel, click the Make group button.

Can I zoom in/out the image in the template editor?

Yes! To zoom in/out your view, click the arrow in the top bar and select your scaling.

How to make the text italics?

For italic text, you need to choose a font that supports italics.

  1. Select your text element.
  2. In the right panel, scroll to the Text section.
  3. Select the font type and weight.

If you want italics just for some parts of the text, then it's conditional styling what you want. You set it up in the template editor, and then in the dataset you surround the text you want italics with double stars **like this**.

We have many templates in the gallery that have the whole italic text and italic parts, so check the template gallery to see the configurations.

How to vertically align text within an Auto sizing area?

  1. Select your text element.
  2. In the right panel, scroll to the Text section, there you will find icons for aligning the text to the top, center, and bottom of the text-area.

You can always design your template from scratch using the Robolly template editor.

Or you can hire our designer to create a custom template for you. To do so, navigate to the Template gallery, click the Order a custom template button, and fill in the form with your requirements.

Is it possible to set template dimensions in mm?

Only pixels are supported at this moment.

You can use this unit converter.

For example, A4 is 2480px x 3508px (print 300 DPI).

Can I create videos with Robolly?

No, Robolly currently does not support video creation. This is a resource-intensive feature that we plan to add as soon as possible. Currently, Robolly can create JPGs, PNGs, and PDFs.

Can I add QR codes/barcodes to my templates?

Yes! To add a QR code to your template, click the QR element and then select the desired code type. The code element accepts content dynamically. Just pass valid content for the selected type when rendering the image.

As an inspiration, you can import a template from the template gallery that includes a QR code, for example, "Mysterious ID card".

File management

How to move files into a folder?

  1. Navigate to My templates.
  2. Click on the three dots icon in the template you want to move.
  3. Click on Move to folder.
  4. Select the desired folder and click the Move here button.

How to create a new folder?

  1. Navigate to My templates.
  2. Select one template you will move to your new folder.
  3. Click on Move to folder.
  4. Click on New folder here.
  5. Type in your folder’s name and click the Create folder & move template button.

How to delete a folder?

A folder will delete automatically if it does not contain any templates.

Can I restore a deleted template?

No, deleting a template is permanent, so it cannot be restored.

How to delete uploaded assets?

  1. Navigate to the Renders & assets section of your Dashboard.
  2. Switch over to the Uploaded assets section.
  3. Select the asset you want to delete and click the Delete button.

If you want to delete multiple assets, select them by creating a selection with a mouse like you'd do when working with files on your computer and click the Delete button. You can also shift-click to select multiple assets.


Can I import data to the Dataset?

Yes! You can import & export datasets via CSV.

How to choose PDF as the export option when rendering via Dataset?

  1. Open your Dataset.
  2. In the left panel, click the Add template button.
  3. Select your template.
  4. And now, choose the desired export format (JPG, PNG, PDF) and size.

Image rendering & API

Is it possible to adjust the output size/resolution when rendering images via API?

Yes! You can control the rendered image size with the scale parameter (min 0.1, max 3). So, if you have a template with size 1000x1000, you can get 2000x2000 by adding "scale=2" into the render link. Similarly get 500x500 with "scale=0.5".

Is it possible to force a download of the rendered image via API?

Yes! Use dl parameter in your render URL. If dl is present, it indicates the file should be downloaded when opening the render link in the browser. Example:

What parameters can I use in the render URL?

Besides element names, there are 3 query parameters you can use:

  • sig – request signature
  • scale – min 0.1, max 3
  • dl – if present, it indicates the file should be downloaded when opening the render link in the browser

Can I render multiple-page PDFs?

No, multiple-page PDFs are not supported at this moment. But we're always open to discussing new features – let us know about your use case at

Is it possible to customize colors of a rectangle or circle when rendering via Google Sheets?

Yes! When rendering via Google Sheets, you have the option to customize the color of rectangles and circles. To do so, select the corresponding column in the Google Sheets wizard. Here is an example that I created using the Frank Review 3 template from the Template gallery:

In your Google Sheet fill the corresponding column in with the desired color:

Results will look like this:

#2 row render#3 row render

Is it possible to customize fonts when rendering via Google Sheets?

Fonts cannot be customized at this time. However, as a workaround, I suggest duplicating your template and setting up multiple templates with different fonts. This way, you can still achieve the desired look.


What integrations does Robolly support?

Robolly has:

  • wizard for Zapier integration,
  • wizard for Google spreadsheet integration,
  • guide for Integromat integration.

You can find details about these native integrations in the Render mode of your template > section “Set up automations”.

Besides that, Robolly is extremely simple to work with and can be integrated easily wherever needed.

Is there a Pabbly integration available?

Pabbly works great with Robolly's API. No integration is needed. Choose "API by Pabbly" as the action step and fill in the details (find the render link URL in the template's render mode in the editor). The only problem we stumbled upon while testing Pabbly is that Pabbly connect doesn't allow accessing the file returned from the API call. This is an issue / missing feature on the Pabbly side. We did find a workaround, but only for the use case, we were working on, which was uploading the rendered image to Google Drive.

We also tested Integromat & Zapier, which worked as expected, and you could access the file returned by the API. Here's the Integromat guide..

Can Robolly take an inbound API call from Pabbly and reply to Pabbly with the image generated?

Yes! Here's how to do it:

  1. Set up the template in Robolly and then copy the render link in the render tab of your template.
  2. Then, set up Pabbly to create a GET request to the render link, and Robolly will return the image.

Learn more about how the Robolly API works.

How can I post rendered images on Facebook or send them to a WhatsApp group?

You can set up Zapier or a similar tool to render an image with Robolly, then send it to the Buffer queue, for example. Find more details about the Zapier integrations in the Render mode of your template > section "Set up automations".


What's the rendering limit?

Rendering limit is how many unique images you're able to generate based on your templates per month. In your Robolly dashboard, you can see how much the rendering limit is exhausted and when it will restart.

Can I upgrade my monthly rendering limit at any time?

Yes, you can adjust your monthly rendering limit at any time without penalty or hassle. The plan will change immediately and you'll be charged for just a prorated amount.

Can I downgrade my monthly rendering limit at any time?

Yes, you can adjust your monthly rendering limit at any time without penalty or hassle. The higher limit stays active until your current period ends. Then, you'll be automatically switched to the lower plan you selected.

Will I be charged when my trial ends?

No. We don't ask for your credit card to start the trial. Only enter payment details when you're ready to upgrade. If not, no hurt feelings.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, cancel at any time. There's no minimum contract for Robolly — cancel at any time with one click, no questions asked.

I need more than 100.000 images per month. Is it possible?

Need a higher monthly rendering limit or looking for other customization? Let us know about your requirements — we're ready to tailor a custom quote. Contact us at