Robolly Customer Reviews

Efficient, time-saving and fun!

“I actually really enjoyed making my templates! It's great seeing them come together. So, the biggest benefit here is the sheer amount of time saved. It takes a little time to set up templates. But the time you save from then onward is amazing. Robolly comes with a solid bunch of good-looking pre-made templates. Datasets make it super easy to create images. Love that you can search and use images directly from there rather than having to find them elsewhere, save & upload. Google Sheets integration is brilliant and is just what I need for creating quick, on-the-fly images in a variety of different templates I've created. Cannot recommend highly enough.“

Charlie Taylor

Founder of Withsow

Exceptional service and outstanding product

I recently had the pleasure of using Robolly's services and web application, and I am absolutely thrilled to share my 5-star experience. From the very beginning, the Robolly team has exceeded all my expectations.

The attention I received from their technical support team was truly remarkable. They were not only knowledgeable and efficient, but also incredibly patient and understanding with my inquiries. Their dedication to assisting me and ensuring that my issues were resolved promptly made me feel valued as a customer.

As for the web application itself, I am genuinely impressed by its user-friendly interface, seamless functionality, and innovative features. It has significantly streamlined my workflow, and I can now manage my projects more efficiently than ever before.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Robolly to anyone in need of top-notch technical support and an amazing web application. The combination of their exceptional service and outstanding product has truly earned them a well-deserved 5-star rating.

Juan Miguel Morante Martínez

Cinematographer & Producer

Great for generating lots of content quickly!

“I'm really pleased with Robolly. I've tried similar apps before and wasn't impressed. But Robolly was recommended to me by a few people so I thought I'd give it a try. I've used it to generate lots of content for our Facebook group which I've scheduled to post daily for the year ahead. A very small amount of work for a year's worth of content!“

John Risby

Entrepreneur & Author

An amazing tool

“What a tool. If you wish to automatically produce more designs in a short time period Robolly is the right choice. It saves us a lot of time...Use your GSheet and their API and push data into templates in a minute. Woollaaa done..“

David Kocsis

CEO at Guru Muscle & Wocapi

Helping me every day

“I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you how much your tool has helped me every day over the last few months. For a while now, we've been running a non-profit organisation that buys back furniture that's been returned by customers. We check them one by one and, when they're good, we put them up for sale. On Robolly, I created a model label with the name of the product, a QR code that links to the technical data sheet on the manufacturer's website, a bar code for the SKU, the price and a blank form for reservations (which we fill in by hand). This document is printed with a thermal printer on labels that we stick onto the checked parcels. Robolly makes it so quick!“

Manu Delgoffe-Woimbée

Business owner

You know you need this!

“Amazing tool! It's so easy to use and helps me create unique images in a fraction of the time. The dataset (like Google Sheet) is the best feature of this tool. It creates personalised images by you adding columns and rows to the datasets. The live preview on the left facilitates a quick preview of the images created and you can edit the template if needed. The workflow is so simple and straightforward, yet super effective. I recently used this to create images for my blog, so all my posts now have the same featured images template with the post title and excerpt. A highly recommended tool for anyone who needs to create personalised images in bulk!“


I'm VERY impressed

“Absolutely mind-blowing tool! I was able to build a template from scratch (using a custom font!) and trigger custom image renders within minutes. I had a technical question, so I contacted support. They got back to me quickly with a perfect solution. Overall, I'm VERY impressed.“

Taz Goldstein

Co-founder of Chaos Theory Entertainment

Customer service is excellent

“I use this tool to generate images for our blog posts and social media content. The tool is easy to use, and I love the flexibility it offers. I can produce images for Instagram posts or Facebook ads with a few clicks of the mouse. Plus, the customer service is excellent. If I need to figure out the best way to make an image or have a question about a specific feature, I can always get a reply from a customer service rep.“

Phil Good

Robolly is amazing & I love the templates

With Robolly, I can easily create numerous customizable images (and perhaps PDF) in bulk within very short time. It is not the only app that helps me to do, but it is definitely one of the best apps in the field. Robolly is simple to use, yet it provides me excellent efficiency and quality in use.

I love the templates that Robolly offered: very well-designed, simple, clean and very usable. Currently there are about more than 120 templates, in vertical, horizontal and square format. All are polished and eyes-catching. I can also modify them or create one from scratch with ease, thanks to the editor, which has lots of features. After I input or import the data into the Dataset, I can render customized images in a smoothly and quickly manner. The workflow is simple, yet effective.

All in all, Robolly just works, and works well in excess of my expectations. The fact that it took me very little time to learn and to deliver good quality outputs is simply amazingly valuable!

Phan Vu Hoang

Great product!

“Feels great in terms of UX/UI and base functionality. Tried some alternatives before and Robolly is by far the cleanest/easiest to use.“

Gonzalo Garcia

Technical Engineer, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Robolly has saved me tens of hours of manual work!

Robolly has saved me tens of hours of work in just a couple of hours learning how to use it and setting up my flow. I am an English teacher and create quizzes in the form of images for learners who follow me on social media.

Thanks to Robolly I managed to create over a hundred images without any copy-pasting, like I used to do before. I just used their Google Sheets integration and rendered all the images I needed in a matter of seconds. The set up was pretty straightforward and their editor is simple enough so that anyone can use it. In my case, I had a complex image template which I had created using a different software, so I just uploaded that as a background image and added the text on top. It was simple enough and, as I said, a true time-saver.

Just so you get an idea, I have already rendered enough quizzes to have my social feed full until November (it's April now!).

Luis Porras Wadley

English Teacher, EFL Blogger, Freelance Writer & Translator

Love the mass production through datasets

“I absolutely LOVE being able to create datasets like famous quotes, holidays, relevant specific tips! No other platform that I know of stores those types of datasets and lets you render multiple templates and sizes at one time. Freaking amazing!“


The answer to all of your image creation woes. Incredible tool!

“It took me about one hour to make my first images, insert quotes, and then generate 50 of them. That was my first time. Going forward it will usually take me like 5 minutes as I will upload a csv with quotes, click on a few things, and hit Render and voila I will have a bagillion new images. Basically magic. And when I say a bagillion I am barely exaggerating. You can fill your socials for a month in an hour a month.“

David T.

Founder/Chief Market Strategist

Awesome templates

“Awesome templates, easy to customize and so easy to navigate! I would recommend this product to anyone.“

Deanna Bugalski

Founder & CEO of Suggesterfy

Saving hundreds of manual tasks

“This thing is simply outstanding. Despite the fact that I am not a programmer or have extensive tech experience, I was able to automate our social network posts and creation using a straightforward spreadsheet file and let Robolly work its magic, saving hundreds of manual tasks. There is so much more to this app, and I can't wait to discover new ways to make my life simpler. Very strongly recommended.“

Lee Crawford

The tool I didn't know I needed!

“I have always struggled with the time constraints of trying to create social media content in bulk. That problem, isn't a problem anymore! The templates that are in the program are pretty good, and they're adding more all the time. You can also tell that the owner is very passionate about the program itself, and he was very responsive in my communications with him. I'm definitely enjoying it so far!“

Jon Slate

I was searching for a long time for something like this

“Robolly is the missing piece in your automation stack. I was searching for a long time for something like this. If you user Zapier, Pabbly, or any other automation tool, you can save hours on image creation with Robolly.“

Bogdan Ghelmegeanu

Founder of Fedoxa Consulting

I've tried a few alternatives, nothing comes close

“I've tried a few alternatives before, but none of them come close to what Robolly can do. The super simple UI is a breath of fresh air in this space. Where other tools fail to simplify the workflow, Robolly really makes the life of a designer easier. Especially the availability of the image generation API is a game changer!“

Pieter den Heten

I'm impressed

“First impressions count, and I'm impressed. Never knew I needed image generation automation, but it's so useful to have in my toolbox. Great to see they thought of securing the API with a hash too, and that's not an afterthought. And the Google Sheets integration is excellent. Thumbs up!“

Jean-Jacques Halans

Web developer & security specialist, Freelance photographer

Help automate a lot of tedious tasks and manual work

“Just incredible. I've been looking for software like this to help automate a lot of tedious tasks and manual work when generating graphics to use across social networks and blogs. Extremely fortunate to have heard about Robolly and I am so impressed at how straight forward and easy the user interface is. Biggest perk for me is going to be using the API for bulk image creation. Great job and A++ Robolly Team!“

Dario P

One of a kind product!

“One of a kind product! Super easy to use with many use cases beside adding photos. I am using Robolly to create event tickets and it works great. Being able create PDFs in bulk with dynamic data is pretty cool.“

Robert L

Robolly is powerful, yet easy, fast and fun to use

“Robolly's UI / UX is simply amazing! Everything is simple and clear the first time you use it. The Robolly is powerful, yet easy, fast and fun to use. In addition, it wonderfully automates arduous work and saves a lot of time. This is really one of the apps with the best user interface and user experience design. Great job, congratulations! I 100% recommend Robolly!“

Lukasz Adamczyk

Project manager & UX designer

Generated thousands of graphics at the click of a button!

“I love Robolly. I've already generated thousands of graphics at the click of a button! Really easy to use interface and powerful graphic designer - and haven't even gotten into the API works yet! Definitely a must have tool!“

Cato Rolea

Senior business consultant

Saved me so much time and energy, and the results are fantastic.

“I was hesitant to try Robolly at first, but I'm so glad I did! It's an amazing program that helps you create templates for mass image generation. It's saved me so much time and energy, and the results are fantastic. Robolly also has a feature to auto-resizes text in the template. This makes it really easy to create professional looking documents without having to worry about font sizes and spacing. The software is easy to use and makes document creation a breeze.“


Simple and intuitive!

“A really cool tool. I was able to save a lot of time automatically generating a certification for my client's customers ... there are hundreds of them.“

Daniele Righi

Co-founder & Innovation Manager at

One of the best platforms I have ever used.

I am blown away by the incredible user experience Robolly offers. As someone who needs to create marketing images on a regular basis, I have tried various tools and software, but Robolly has surpassed all my expectations.

With template-based images, you can easily create images automatically. I am using the API, which is very easy to use. However, you can also upload your Excel file to feed data to the system and produce hundreds of images in a minute.

One of the things I appreciate most about Robolly is how easy it is to grasp. The intuitive interface and the elegant design make it a breeze to use. I no longer have to spend hours on end figuring out how to use complicated software - Robolly has simplified the entire process. Additionally, you can upload your own font, which I find very important.

Overall, I would give Robolly a five-star rating for its exceptional tools and API for image generation in the cloud. It's a game-changer for anyone who needs to create marketing images quickly and easily. I highly recommend it! It is one of the best platforms I have ever used.

Marc N.


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